05 Dec 2017

Photography in the park

So this weekend a friend came by from out of town and spent the weekend with us. It had been a while since we had seen each other and it was so nice to have them here with us. We got to spend the weekend exploring and hanging out. However, this friend in particular is one who takes some really great shots and we took advantage of a lovely morning to go for a walk in the park and snap […]

09 Mar 2017

A is for Apron

Most who know me know that I have a magical ability to make a mess in 3 seconds flat and that it happens by some innate ability with great power. A friend of mine has just had a lovely baby and as she is at home, I hoped that I could make her an apron that would make her feel fun and feminine. In the process I decided that I would make one for myself as well. No more threads […]

06 Mar 2017

Pen turning

Lately I was lucky enough to get a chance to learn how to use a lathe and turn a pen from some talented and very patient teachers at my day job. There is nothing more fun then learning something new in good company. A sierra style pen with zebra wood!  

02 Mar 2017

Adventures in Pyrography

So recently I have started working retail in a store that caters to woodworking and gardening. I love it. I have so much fun and adore being there. The first time I can say that in a long while with day jobs. Just before Christmas I got a pyrographer, just a basic one, and started on small projects for friends. It has been so much fun, designing, drawing and planning new projects. It has been a great source of encouragement […]

23 Feb 2017

Fun night at the aquarium

There is nothing I love more than water, especially being out in nature and watching the sheer beauty of watching the ever changing moods of natural bodies of water. Toronto has a jazz night on Fridays at Ripley’s Aquarium and we had gone with a group of friends. It was so much fun to be among the graceful and awe inspiring sea creatures surrounded by wonderful jazz music. I hope you enjoy some of the photos that I have. There […]

16 Feb 2017

Magical Toronto

Since moving to Windsor things have been hectic, amazing and wonderful time but that is not to say that I do not miss Toronto. I spent so much time in Toronto, have so many good friends there and enjoyed so many years, so much laughter, tears that I cannot help to think back and remember my time there. Those of you in Toronto, I hope you all enjoy the magic moments in the city.

12 Feb 2017

Planting for the spring

Now that there is a little more outdoor space, I have been planning a garden and ensuring my role in the neighbourhood as the crazy cat lady. This is what I assume will happen to me the moment summer hits and the strays and neighbours will look upon (what I hope will be) a magnificiently immense planter completely full of catnip. The basil I will keep in a safe place in a hanging planter.  

09 Feb 2017

Wedding Flowers

Looking over all the photos from this past summer and having found the ones where we prepped a veil and flowers for my friend’s wedding. The warm fuzzy feeling of the ceremony and the joy of being a part of their day. I had so much fun helping her plan and helping out. Thinking of her makes me debate getting into the bridal industry….

02 Feb 2017

Sparkle Sparkle**

  One of my favourite things is sitting and slowly rhinestoning. I don’t know why this is very soothing. I will pour myself some tea and throw on some tv. This a throwback to some of my favourite headphones and a teaser of a project I have yet to finish. Perhaps I will have to schedule some time to work on it. Since the older photos were taken I have switched to using E6000 glue. Trust me, my sparkles do […]

15 Jan 2017

Memories of pranks past

Some things are so precious when we remember them. At one of my old day jobs, there was this great co-worker who I would love to prank. He had a great laugh and we all enjoyed surprising him. A throwback to 2015, when times were simpler. May we all enjoy our time at work with our colleagues in 2017. Good luck everyone!

31 Mar 2016

Sense awakening in Sapporo

I arrived in Sapporo completely exhausted. Having left the house at 9:30 am on March 28th, I arrived at the guesthouse at 8:30 pm March 29th. (Which would equate to 7:30 am EST… Almost 24 hours ) Despite my complete exhaustion, all the staff at the train stations, the wonderful taxi driver (who gave me Japanese and baseball lessons, we even discussed the tv show “why did you come to Japan”) and Coffee-Master-san, the amazingly kind and understanding man at […]

21 Oct 2014

Huge Update

So things have been moving at unimaginable speeds here and I have yet to get a good grasp of the situation. I shall soon become an almost permanent home body and hope that my friends will come see me and open my windows to air out the place from time to time. (I have not posted in over a month due to illness and shame! Not really but here we go!) This has been my last month in brief… I […]

04 Sep 2014

Mass of update

Things have been wildly progressing on this side of the keyboard with tasks being added to my lists as quickly as I check them off, honestly, even faster. Here are some pictures of what’s been going on  😉 Mass update will continue…

02 Aug 2014

Dance dance

Today and this week, I’m back at class and really looking forward to it. Definitely need some help with some music if you feel inclined so. Dance makes me want to dance everywhere, not just at home. I’m singing to myself while walking down the street and holding back from dancing. Things are slowly coming back to center. The worries I had seem ridiculous and I will refuse now to hide again. I even picked up the most ridiculous pants […]

25 Jul 2014

To kid or not to kid

When I was younger I had been told the chances of my getting pregnant were slim to none so I’ve had to since deal with the fact that I may not be able to ever have my own children. Growing up in a family where the joys of childbearing were discussed and having “your own” family were pressed it was hard to accept. My mother always told me she couldn’t see me having kids and I used to get so […]

21 Jul 2014

Busy bee

So it’s been a while since my last post on BiBi, however, I have also been posting on BiBis muse. For the last little whole I have been going 100 mph trying to find an answer to a question I was asked. I still am not sure if I have the answer but I keep searching. I have been to Muay Thai, pole dancing has become part of my daily exercise routine with cycling and yoga. I pulled a calf […]

19 Jul 2014

Second session

So I’m heading for a second session of what I consider therapy. There is nothing like a change in your life artistically. With all going on I have forgotten that I used to view art, fashion, music and dance of all sorts as a representation of one’s own life and current emotional state. There is now a permanent reminder with me that our art reflects ourselves and can allow us to go thru the full spectrum of emotions and thought […]

23 Jun 2014

Late night ideas

There are times when you know that you should go to bed but you just don’t. The last 2 weeks have been crazy and unexpected. I had given up on something and let go but it worked out. I need to learn to let go and relax a little more. There is something that I had been dying to do and I have finally made the step. 5 more weeks and the new plant will be ready to blossom in […]

16 Jun 2014
15 Jun 2014

Easy come easy go

Another year and none the wiser.

12 Jun 2014


Everything has led me here and saying no was near impossible. The scent of lilies fills the air as I dream of peonies and what could be. Colours dance in synch with my movements and the wind caresses my hair just right. The clock ticks on, time for bed, it’s nearly mid night.

10 Jun 2014

They are done!

My night stands have been reborn!

08 Jun 2014

Let the games begin

So most of the time spent since the last post has not been the most fun, however, it was necessary, there were times my patience and sanity were stretched a little thin but I made it through. I have been balancing jobs, school, and chores but the time for fun has officially begun. There will be music, food, sports and socializing. I am very much looking forward to this. Especially the music! I have compiled some photos below of what […]

27 May 2014

The random fun

Just a hodge podge of all I’ve been up to. Soon it will be relax time! Lots of random but hope everyone will be patient! Miss blogging and updating everyone.

19 May 2014

The things we do to cope

So I have kept busy these last few weeks nd June will be interesting. I have 1.5 weeks left of craziness and then I will take a month to reflect. My green bedroom and slowly creating a space in which I can hide from the world and feel comfortable has been a huge part of feeling better. I am very lucky to have a job with fun coworkers, I have a fantastic roommate who does dishes for me and many […]

15 May 2014

Welcoming spring pt. 4 – spring is loading

So there has been thick fog every morning this week and paired with the rain it is not making for fantastic cycling. This morning was played with errands and some studying so I bought some flowers to brighten things up. There will be a laundry party for me tonight and the farmer’s market on the weekend, which I’m really looking forward to. Hope I can get loads of photos for you. By the way, I’m passing with a 95% and […]

22 Apr 2014

Welcoming spring pt. 3 – giddy up

So this weekend was eventful but here are highlights of the good things. Really it’s the past week or so but all sorts of highlights randomly put together. There was: -Biking to Yonge and Sheppard -Dim sum with friends -Painting my room -Reorganizing and picking up flowers- we have reached limit of indoor flowers  😛 -Uhhhh, other random things too… But these are the photos coz not many people read anymore

17 Apr 2014

Welcoming spring pt.2 -the thaw

In conjunction with the snow, there have been a couple delays but I’m working around those. I will create a cool, quiet, meditative room where I can recharge and relax. Here are some more photos:  These are the bits and baubles to help create my little world. There will be other parts to come. We need a maintenance guy for help… Like good children roomie and I don’t want to break the current fixtures. Well chickies, time to move furniture […]

14 Apr 2014

Welcoming spring pt.1

The last week has kicked me down and around but I gave myself until Sunday to feel bad. It is now Monday, so no more feeling bad. Friday was a day of errands and then a night out for a friend’s birthday. We went to the town crier and it had lovely good and beers. I will post later about those. Earlier that day we had seen something a little special at a shop and I wanted it so bad. […]

12 Apr 2014

Prohibition Gastrohouse

What can I say but wow. It was busy the moment I walked in and waited at the bar for a table. They did everything you would expect and more. The people at the bar during the “Hooch Hour” were pleasantly talkative after a few cheap pints and wanted to chat and give advice to a first-timer. The suggestions for the food were plenty, nothing apparently was bad on the menu. I opted for the pulled pork grilled cheese and […]

11 Apr 2014

New windows and balconies

A lucky duck is me! It was supposed to start in June but the management has decided to wait until late summer to replace our windows and balconies! Excellent! That means home patio time. There is something so soothing about watching the city buzz by and enjoying a tan on the balcony after a long day at work. The added bonus is that for my birthday I will still be able to sit outside and have a coffee while listening […]

07 Apr 2014

Long live the bitch

bitch /biCH/ Noun A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter. Verb informal. Express displeasure; grumble: “the guys were all bitching about commuting time”. It’s a term I am very familiar with as it is often used to describe me. I am that person who scolds others to move to the back of the streetcar, yell at bad drivers who don’t watch where they are going, and frankly having held in much of what others saw as a flaw has worn […]

06 Apr 2014

From the quiet mist, a lunatic rises

So I have not disappeared completely my kittens. There has been much going on and much of it was in my own head. Not that all the personal stuff is dealt with I have come to the realization that several things were holding me back. There was a fear of being noticed and ridiculed, there was a fear of my writing not being good enough for online consumption, and even as silly as my not being good looking enough. That’s […]

03 Nov 2013

Assembly line

It’s fun finding posts you forgot to upload… Hehehe, sorry! With day job, studies, and moving, I have gone by something J tells me often when it comes to anything in life,”proper planning prevents piss poor performance” Most nights have been spent setting up bits and pieces of the item without finishing many of them. Last night and today were spent completing those items. As you can see, there was chaos and there still is a little more to go […]

02 Nov 2013


Alright everyone, what tutorials would you like to have posted pre-Christmas? Viking hats Crinoline underskirts Aprons Any clothing Bowties/neck ties If there is anything, let me know! Ciao for now!

01 Nov 2013

Lost time, catching up

Since having moved and taken a couple days to try and heal (back is giving me problems) I somehow can’t keep up my pre-geek market speed. The inventory images I posted we’re quickly spliced and I will make them nice over the next couple of weeks but for now this will have to do. There are some exciting plans and projects in various stages and exam is creeping around the corner. I can’t wait for December and the new year […]

17 Oct 2013

Back again

So as many are already painfully aware (I am just so happy to be back) I am back in Toronto and loving it! The city makes me so happy and well, the new day job that I love, apartment that makes me want to stay there all day and just sip a cuppa while watching the city in the window makes all this past craziness worth while.  This weekend is also the much anticipated Geek Market and I will be […]

14 Oct 2013

Tail lights and rain drops

The apartment in casses sucked for several reasons which are pretty well known by those who know me and have read my blog before. Tonight my friend realized just how clearly you could hear neighbors, cars, rain and the fact that it felt like everything was in the apartment with you. I am really looking forward to getting back to the new place and put my head down in a quiet room. Just need some curtains to cut out that […]

12 Oct 2013

Ottawa and looking back

Looking back on what has been going on in Toronto, job, apartment, food, weather, sleep, and all sorts of other things there is only one real regret I have about Ottawa. My friends. I have made many good friends in Ottawa and love them loads. There is the Ottawa Lolita group as well made up of so many lovely gals and guys that I wish I could have spent more time with while I was there.  Come November I will […]

09 Oct 2013

Oooohhh sweet streetcar

Since moving back to Toronto there was a scare with the apartment lease but that has now smoothed over so I can concentrate on important things, like the geek market! My clips and hair bands are entering final stages, I’m creating new ones and all that’s really left is a shit ton of rhinestoning and sewing? A little nervous! I will be in Ottawa for one day only this weekend for anyone who wants to message me and pop by […]

19 Sep 2013

A broken dollie

This morning at new day job, I found it steamer to watch normal interactions between office people. Being in so many dysfunctional and difficult offices before (a temp always gets the rough end of the stick) my last day job and this one are so amazing. With everyone being like this, I realize that I can only be genuinely kind to strangers or acquaintances for a short time before I get leery and even with people I know I pull […]

17 Sep 2013

Lordy Loli

Alright, another Lolita update! I am part of the Lolita Ottawa group on Facebook and well, they are darling people! I missed Comicon, Fanexpo and Anime North. I even missed our picnic due to work earlier in the summer. Some of the girls will be attending the Geek Market and other working or volunteering so we are trying to recruit any Lolitas in the Ottawa area during the weekend of the 19-20 of October to come down and share the […]

16 Sep 2013

Round and round we go

Where we stop, here. Only for a minute however. ENOUGH! hahahaha, there has been too much coffee in my system of late and I have officially decided instead of not having more to actually ingest as much as I can. When I finally crash I will sleep for a week but everyone knew that that was bound to happen. I know, my friends will tell me they are worried but here is the answer – I love you all, love […]

14 Sep 2013

Toi, toil, toil and toil.

There is no trouble, nothing else. Just work. Work. Bah! OK! I am all work and no play so I must be going something something? You better bet your sweet comment ca va that I am going crazy. There is little sleep, lots of work, and I keep forgetting to eat. Is there anyone willing to become a housekeeper/babysitter? That would be really helpful. Come by, help clean up, make sure I’ve eaten and if anything, make me a sammich? […]

13 Sep 2013

I celebrate with Jack Daniels

So there was this job…  I wanted it, I got it and now, I listen to Miranda sing about Jack. This is how to celebrate!

12 Sep 2013

Le squeak et le quack.

SO! To just prove how absolutely thick my friends and I are at times, let me tell you the squeak toy incident followed by the quack advice. I do not have the most concentrated attention span in the world. I can concentrate at times, intensely for a long time and then afterwards it is as if my brain is like “Listen buddy, we worked, I’m tired, it’s done for a while.” I try to plead of course begging it to […]

11 Sep 2013

Smash, boom, crash.

This is an interesting fact. I received an email about selling weapons at the market this fall and started giggling thinking of the “weapons” I was creating. Some are sharp but small, some are soft and squishy, and some are plain ridiculous. I have been having a lot of fun trying to come up with weapons that can be sold within the guidelines. Who ever heard of someone being killed by a rhinestoned clip? hehehehe! Picturing this has taken up […]

09 Sep 2013

Now I lay me

Most of the time I will say “You can sleep when you are dead!” Truth is though, I LOVE sleep. I love lying in bed and resting. I love naps in the daytime when the sun is shining in and you feel it’s warmth on you as you rest… and if you leave the window open the breeze may even gently blow across your sleeping or resting face. I miss sleep. Lately things have spiraled out of control. I was […]

09 Sep 2013

Follow the glitter paved road

So I found supplies! Hahahahahaha, finishing sooooon!

06 Sep 2013

Mobile upload

Ok, you noticed something was wonky with my latest posts…. I was on the bus trying to set up posts for later when I slipped. You get presents today, I hope to have more later  😉

06 Sep 2013

The brand new series

Most everyone I know or have met in the streets, knows that I have been coming up with new fascinators, accessories and clothing for the upcoming geek market in October. Jen was the one who mentioned it to me and I am so glad she did. It is fun to work with someone on these projects. Unfortunately I won’t have much clothing however, there will many new projects. I spent several hours plotting the course I will be taking as […]

06 Sep 2013

Kim smash!

Now I have been ot of the spotlight lately with a whole bunch of different things going on and I will probably only remain in contact with everyone through the blog. Please forgive me as there was an unforseen opportunity that came up and I grabbed it by the horns. I will however reward your patience with a photo….. This was last night late crafting session. I have Looooooooooots of work remaining but it will be worth it….

06 Sep 2013

Kim smash pt. II

Everyone knows my temper can flare and honestly, I feel at times I can relate only too well to that rage. I have experimented with a few things and I think I found my solution….. If I wear this headband and my hulk hands, I’m certain there won’t be any trouble. Just need time to finish my hulk dress design. *sighs* Later lovelies!

26 Aug 2013

Students Welcome!

Come on, come all! I have had the luck of teaching a couple people the basics of sewing and designing. One thing I have always loved to do is share my passion with other. I wish I could have co-op students or interns who wanted to know and learn about things and blogging helps me feel more connected to the other folks out there who love this kind of thing as well. I have decided that once Geek Market cools […]

22 Aug 2013

Entertaining Efficiency

As of late I have found my new love of Lolita fashion and I was hoping that I could get some designs out and with the move, exams, practicum and still working I have to make sure that I optimize my place and movements so as not to waste any time or effort. This long weekend was spent cleaning and purging more items from the closets and rooms and the largest room has yet to be done! I have some […]

21 Jul 2013

Every woman needs power tools

I love fast anything with a motor, smashing things, cigars and Scotch. I like fixing and creating things, just as I like growing and caring for things. But there is something about power tools. My father was a carpenter and I was only allowed smaller tools because I was a girl. Since moving out I have bought most tools I believe an apartment dwelling cyclist crafted needs. However, I need a saw tonight…. I have a new bookshelf and want […]

18 Jul 2013

A night of debauchery

Ha! Tricked you! I slept 8 hours so here’s a pictures of a sleeping squirrel. Have a good day lovelies! It’s finally Thursday.

03 Jul 2013

Karmic balance

Well physical and mental balance have been uneven lately but this morning karma found a way to encourage me (just like the email for sales at one of my fav hotels yesterday) Was up til 1, up at 5 and exhausted by 7. Go to corner shop to get bus tickets and a coffee. While waiting however, someone found a sheet of bus tickets on the ground and asked everyone if they has lost them. Being the only one to […]

02 Jul 2013

Who’s in for a little overtime?

For the next 2 months, not to be rude, you will need to book blocks of time with me to hang out. I am so busy with everything that I need to plan plan plan. I probably won’t see much if the sun until September when this will all calm down and I will do my most famous disappearing act! Was wondering what everyone was looking forward to now that July has hit and that normally means vacation, travel, visiting, […]

28 Jun 2013

The way you want to

People and friends often say that I have conversational ADHD. That just means my conversations go from one subject in one sentence and could change topics mid-sentence or every other word. I can bring up subjects and points from a conversation the person and I had last week like 3 years ago. I mention this so that folks can understand my post. When asked what I wanted to be when I was little, I had no clue. It changed every […]

25 Jun 2013


My body is rebelling against wanting to work beyond a healthy threshold. Between wrist twinge, ankle and knee being sore, I ache all over and feel nauseated. All I can picture is my little inner self being a coach screaming “you really gonna let this keep you down, bull! Move your (blank blank blank blank)” censoring myself this morning, lol. Was productive last night tho, got a few fascinators done but now need to make sure I can keep my […]

21 Jun 2013

The bug

I can still remember my parents’ reaction when I said I decided on going into fashion. Dad thought I should have been a lawyer and mom thought a psychiatrist. Even after I graduated they both said I should work with the government. Both of my parents worked hard most of their lives and I can understand they would want things to be easier for me. The fact remains unless I am doing something with my hands, I’m not as happy. […]

20 Jun 2013

Smooth move genius… Smooth

Just like my DDR profile, I am just as smooth in real life, I mean not at all. Over the last few weeks you all know about my lack of sleep overall and my pushing to get last exams done, business/projects and day job balanced. (please notice lack of social interaction). It has come to my attention, I can’t even convey verbally what I want. Oh yeah, slurred speech baby, hot! So even the most simple conversation I wrought with […]

15 Jun 2013

On a serious note

Now to just state before the seriousness begins, I am saying what I am now to help me heal and for those who may not know about these things to just be aware. I want to become more active and supportive in the awareness and help for all those who have lives hardships alike. I will try and keep it as PG 13 but there won’t be details. I just feel like I have scars that I am tired of […]

13 Jun 2013

Those extra hours keep me company

Ok, let’s get down to business ladies and gents. Finished a veil but as usual, totally forgot to get a picture but I couldn’t have posted it until after the wedding. Several thousand rhinestones later I am still working away until early in the morning on school, photos, patterns, oh and now there is open- ended overtime at day job! With all that I have also been listening to my big sis (although she sees herself as my mother) and […]

10 May 2013

If you wear beautiful shoes they will take you to beautiful places

On days where I don’t feel 100% I have a pair of red Tuk shoes just for that. They aren’t much in way of design but they are comfy, bright and there is a small decorative sword on them. Who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes that had swords? Not only do my shoes bring me much pleasure but when I wear them everyone aroudn me seems to get a little excited too. Yesterday there were people in the bus […]

07 May 2013

Fun in the sun, not.

Ok, I know I will be getting a backlash of “oh my God, it’s gorgeous out!” Or “you’re crazy” but I really like the warmth that arrived with spring just not the sun. I am fair skinned and cycling home from work after having slathered sunscreen on and still getting a burn irritates me. It’s only May and I am burning already. I think once I am home all the time, I will be as fair as snow white, enjoying […]

05 May 2013

Vortex of feelings

There are things in this world that I would love to do, people I would love to meet, and sensations I want to experience. Sadly, I need to pick and choose between what I want now and what will be best later on. (Very sadly, I am sorry Nathan… *insert very long drawn out melodramatic sigh with twinge of sadness and despair* I have lately been very able to deal with certain triggers that have yet to disappear completely and […]

05 May 2013

Vortex of feelings

There are things in this world that I would love to do, people I would love to meet, and sensations I want to experience. Sadly, I need to pick and choose between what I want now and what will be best later on. (Very sadly, I am sorry Nathan… *insert very long drawn out melodramatic sigh with twinge of sadness and despair* I have lately been very able to deal with certain triggers that have yet to disappear completely and […]

01 May 2013

The Lost Squirrel

Yesterday was quite the day with my feeling under the weather and today continued with my fighting a cold. Taking extra vitamin C, drinking lots of fluid and even sleeping a little more than I usually do. However, overall I was emotionally feeling more calm and relaxed than I have in a long time. Having downloaded some of my fav songs, put them on my phone and had a good day at work. Afterwards, it was another story. I went […]

24 Apr 2013

Wet and wild

Now, firstly, all of you get your minds out of the gutter! I mean the weather! Most of you know about my cycling to work but this was the first time I went home in the rain. It was lovely. The path I take goes along the river the whole way, starting at North River rd. all the way to Tunney’s. The river this afternoon was choppy and rough and you could smell the wet earth. There were geese everywhere […]

24 Apr 2013

Kicking Tuesday

When you think the hot mess from Monday is gone and that you have some reprieve from the chaos, Tuesday kicks you where it’s uncomfortable. Last night, I took quick photos, didn’t eat dinner, worked on bow ties, filed paperwork, called places that needed calling back and finally hit the hay at 11pm. I was bushed. Over the last week, cycling to work has become more and more difficult and easy at the same time. My body is adapting to all the hills and exhaust […]

22 Apr 2013

Hot Mess Mondy pt II

Alright, today was more of a hot mess than expected. On my way home I stopped at the store to pick up more spray paint to give my heads an extra coat. Therefore, it took me a little longer to get home and I took some quickie photos of my most recent creations to show everyone the prototypes 🙂 Even uploading the photos has been trouble… Good grief. I think this is the end for me! I have some bow […]

22 Apr 2013

Hot Mess Monday pt I

So with the changing of the seasons from calm to chaos, I have decided I should also try to get at least 2-3 blog posts a week in. I will try and do them on my lunch breaks or when I get home from work so I hope everyone will hold me to it. This weekend I went to a lovely even hosted by Melissa Lafrance Events for her 2013 wedding season. There were several different vendors (including mee-self) and […]

09 Apr 2013

Early mornings

Back in high school I went through a period when I had bad insomnia for a good 6-8 months and it was the main reason I kept skipping class or missing school altogether. Let me tell you, the body was not made for so little sleep. Right now if I get 6 hours of sleep, it’s a good night and I am energized. On average, however, I am getting 3-4 hours if that, and now sick with the flu so […]

05 Apr 2013


Ok, I have been a bad little girl! No posting, no texting, calling, writing, drawing or anything. The last end of my course was crazy. I also wasn’t working to focus on it and as is my style, became consumed by what I was doing. I still have a little more to go and plan in taking it somewhat easy (if that’s possible) until May to make sure everything is done well.  🙂 There has been a lot of movement […]

14 Feb 2013

Run to full your heart

Lately I have been doing much more yoga but missed running. I will not lie, running on the treadmill bores me to no end and without someone to compete with I can only listen to my music for so long. SO! I got something to allow me to play a game while running… Wait for it… Zombies, run! Alright, best purchase of workout equipment! Hehehe! I honestly want to run just to listen to the stories and get all the […]

11 Feb 2013

Grey or shine

It hasn’t started raining yet in Ottawa and I am just about to start my day. I have come to the conclusion that thirty minute gap I have at home is not good for me so I have filled it with smaller tasks to help me complete more. This month I will try to pickup the pace with posts and at the end of the month (around the 28th or March 1st) I will be starting a stitch along if […]

08 Feb 2013

Paint them pink

Now what oh what could be happening with these….

07 Feb 2013

Dear 2013

Dear 2013, Uncle. I can’t take it. You started with a fever, which made me realize I had the flu, then a regular cold and just insane fatigue. Now again with the flu-like symptoms, you’re seriously starting to seem like a jerk. Couldn’t you pick on someone else for a little while and like give me a break to feel better for longer than 3-4 days in a row? You did however see fit to send the first bride of […]

06 Feb 2013

Hello 2013

Most of you will know that I have been pretty invisible and quite hermit like since December. I have been super busy and sick. New years eve I had a fever and was sick on and off most of January. I am starting to feel a bit better now and thought a post would be a great idea seeing as I am playing catch up with work. Most people think working from home is great. It is, and it isn’t. […]

30 Nov 2012

Blooming December

So I have been quiet since the vintage show but I have been trudging along in school, therapy and work, steadily hoping to make progress. I have picked up some yarn for Christmas presents and gone though my stash as well to see what I can make for my lovely friends. (it may be after Christmas by the time you all get gifts  :-P) Along with yarn I have yards of ribbon, crinoline, organza, and new flowers! Thought I would […]

19 Nov 2012

The Vintage Army

I have to admit that I didn’t know what to expect from today and that my options were really very open. Despite this, I have to adore that I was disappointed with several aspects of many booths. The really nice pieces were few and far between and certain things that I wouldn’t have paid or considered buying at value village were grossly marked up. However, here are some highlights  🙂 I didn’t take many photos but there were some beautiful […]

19 Nov 2012

Vintage show browsing

This week has been one of rediscovery and re-alignment. I spent a lot of time still sifting through and organizing thoughts, feelings, memories and trying to ward off flashbacks. I stopped in and spoke with a local shop owner about the state of traditional tailoring, I need to make time this week to visit and old acquaintance for some chat and advice. (I may use the chocolate connection, but flowers work well too… Whatever to brighten their day. It’s a […]

13 Oct 2012
13 Oct 2012

Let us pick up and dust off

Still working through my courses I have been slaving  away and pushing with all my might to feel better and make progress. I have been working on samples for a new site, new line and new life. Give me patience. I have made some yummy granola and thanks go out to my friend T with whom I used to spend hours talking about cooking, books and running, among our many others common interests. She is one of the people I […]

05 Jul 2012

Hair pulling and teeth grinding

Having a bad day is ok every once in while but when should you say enough is enough. I have been reminding myself constantly that things are ok, they could be worse but really, is that what life is? Thankfully, for the first time in years I am not in constant pain. I can study without taking breaks because I can’t see straight or because I can’t tolerate the searing in my back and neck. There is still a long […]

04 Jul 2012

Big News!

So I have been out of the loop with people and things for quite some time but I have been working like a mad woman on a course that will allow me to work from home in transcription (thank you Miss Scarlett Laflamme!) and I am roughly and heartily going through the course as fast as I can. I have found out my contract will not be renewed at day job so I need all my friends to cross their […]

04 Jul 2012

Big News!

So I have been out of the loop with people and things for quite some time but I have been working like a mad woman on a course that will allow me to work from home in transcription (thank you Miss Scarlett Laflamme!) and I am roughly and heartily going through the course as fast as I can. I have found out my contract will not be renewed at day job so I need all my friends to cross their […]

29 Jun 2012

Disapproving Glare

Do you feel it on that side of the screen? I wonder if I can send you my feelings without having to write it out _____________________ nothing yet? Yup, that’s the kind of day I have had. Haven’t been sleeping, I’m too smart to sleep. Cut my finger somehow, got blood on my pants, people are being rude and just beyond stupid and lazy today that I don’t know just how much I can put up with. I know that […]

23 Jun 2012

Dear Self,

Dear Self, There are a few areas where you have been slacking recently. You need to reorganize your apartment, you need to get more school work done and make time for exercising. I know you did all your errands this morning and Kit was awesome as usual but you need to really buckle down. For your birthday you had too much cake and food in general. You got an awesome Tardis mug from your friend for your birthday and don’t […]

18 Jun 2012

Ringing in the New Year

So as most people prepare their New Year resolutions, goals and dreams on December 31st to start on January 1st, I am working on the ones I had set up the year before. I find it much more realistic to celebrate a new year on my birthday so this past week was a lot of soul searching, decision making and looking back on the last year. In the last year there have been a lot of violent with car accidents, […]

18 Jun 2012

Ringing in the New Year

So as most people prepare their New Year resolutions, goals and dreams on December 31st to start on January 1st, I am working on the ones I had set up the year before. I find it much more realistic to celebrate a new year on my birthday so this past week was a lot of soul searching, decision making and looking back on the last year. In the last year there have been a lot of violent with car accidents, […]

21 May 2012

The awakening of the heat

I love that on May long weekend you can always tell how far along the summer is and if this weekend is any indication than we are looking at a full blown summer soon. The cat can’t handle any more heat and has been lying on the floor, silent for about 2 hours as I have been getting school work and the likes done. Looking forward to camping to be able to beat the heat… Maybe a lion cut is […]

21 May 2012

The awakening of the heat

I love that on May long weekend you can always tell how far along the summer is and if this weekend is any indication than we are looking at a full blown summer soon. The cat can’t handle any more heat and has been lying on the floor, silent for about 2 hours as I have been getting school work and the likes done. Looking forward to camping to be able to beat the heat… Maybe a lion cut is […]

04 May 2012

The little things

There are certain little things that have drifted from me since a certain moment in time. I had waited for them to return and worked hard to force them back, gently coaxed them with kind words and nothing. I have finally seen that things are changing. I feel like myself again and motivated to keep moving forward. I have spent my evening picking up groceries to prepare for the next week and preparing my apartment for work all while watching […]

20 Mar 2012

Unfinished work

So this week is looking like the time to clean up loose ends and start new projects. Things at the day job are consistent and soon I shall have a car to be able to travel to and from day job which will be heaven. Plus the fact that I won’t need to put up with bus neighbours. I am very much looking forward to cabaret incognito this weekend as I can let my inner self out! It will be […]

16 Mar 2012

Wicked Workshops

Ok, I need to know from everyone, if I were to start workshops, what do you want to learn?

15 Mar 2012

Give me my coffee and no one gets hurt

Yesterday I brought up the fact that the only thing I like at McDonald’s are their coffees. I stand by that comment. I thought back to the first time I had an iced coffee there and it was quite good. There is one place I would have iced coffee that I will never forget because ambiance and quality of coffee was amazing… Lambton. Hahahaha! That’s right, one of my old jobs. When I worked at the golf course there were […]

13 Mar 2012

Traveling in style!

I have given up fighting the arguement that I don’t need a car, that bus alone can get me where I need to go on time and I’m ok with that. Honestly, I have tired of OC transpo and STO, both of which are quite difficult to manage at the same time at non peak hours. I have looked into getting a car and should have more information by the end of the week. So if anyone is interested in […]

04 Mar 2012

Sneak peek…!

Here is just a sneak peek of what has been created in my workshop… Just 5 more dodos if you want to see more! Ladies are invited to the Diva for a Night event, so check out the website : divaforanight.webstarts.com! And gentleman…. You’ll thank me the next day 😉

02 Mar 2012

New Happenings

Let us remember, the day was a cool, windy, snowy flurry type of March day, this year of 2012. I was not expecting to hear the news I got but now I will be without an official job and will begin looking again as of Monday. I’m frankly angry but at the moment playing the waiting game is all I can do. I will spend my time working on items for the Children’s Wish Foundation Fundraiser this coming Friday, March […]

28 Feb 2012

Sharing is caring

So here are a few of my new pasties, pictures of old ones and a couple things I’m working on. More to come soon! And maybe even an updated website…. 😉 I’m trying my hardest with all the projects on the go! Bis for now!

10 Feb 2012

I hope this is heard

It’s been a while now that I have been fighting all sorts of feelings, thoughts and impulses in me to try and live a normal life. I have come to the most definite of conclusions that I need to stop this. I am not normal, I don’t fit into many situations and I don’t want to fit in with the ones that make me alter who I am, what I say and how I do things. I hope, those reading […]

09 Feb 2012

A little want to…

Lately, especially in the mornings, it has become harder each time the alarm clack rings to be set on getting up to go to work. Working for someone else doesn’t seem to be made for me. I find working for someone leaves me happy to help but wanting the fulfillment of having created something on my own. J has been really busy and now with my deciding to do the Wish foundation fundraiser, I doubt we will see each other […]

07 Feb 2012

Children’s Wish Foundation Fundraiser

So! I have been asked to help out with a fundraising event as a part of final exam for event planning students at Algonquin College and it involves setting up a merch table to sell items where a portion of proceeds go to Children’s Wish Foundation. I’m really glad that I was asked to help but the big decision now is what to make. The event is March 9th, 2012, and the problem is that I don’t know where and […]

03 Feb 2012

Romantic Escape

This year, contrary to all the others, I am actually hoping to have a romantic Valentine’s day. I honestly can’t remember having any at all up to this point in my life. Dating someone who is forgetful, which trust me, I don’t mind seeing as that’s really the only thing I cam complain about but I *really* want to enjoy something I didn’t plan. We also have our anniversary this month and it’s strange to think it will be two […]

03 Feb 2012

Inspiration and Motivation

There are a few things in my life that will always inspire me and a few people who I look to that I just find so charismatic, fun and when I see them I think to myself, “They didn’t give up so get your butt in gear!”. I will be soon posting about the people who inspire me. There will be several other themed posts that will be coming out so stay tuned as one is just around the corner!

30 Jan 2012

Morning bus ride blues

Every morning I wait for the bus, I need to make sure it’s at least 1.5 hours before work. This morning as an example, I got to the stop at 7:05 am, expecting a bus at 7:11 am but none came. I always wonder, while I’m waiting in the freezing cold, what it would be like to work from home? Really. The pros: no waiting in the freezing cold, no getting squished into the bus, no being shoved, no dealing […]

28 Jan 2012

Almond ka-chaiii!

So! A more upbeat post today, I have been needing to cut out my dairy intake as I find that it affects me with regards to my breathing and so on (gross winter stuffiness) so I grabbed a book – Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD. Let me say, great book! I took notes at work and at home as you can see and I think I will make a mural or something in the kitchen because I think […]

27 Jan 2012

On deaf ears

I know many people won’t read all of my blog and will skip over the wordy posts and go right for the new posts with pictures so I know this may go unnoticed but I need to say this because I need to air what I have been holding on to else it really bring me down. This past summer when I left my job for a new one I was sexually assaulted by my manager on my first day […]

27 Jan 2012

Making the best of idle time

So as I had mentioned yesterday on facebook, I would try to make the best of my time stuck on the bus. It wasn’t until then that I realised that I had the option of posting to the blog via my blackberry. You have no idea how great an idea this seemed to me! I have not been posting because when I get home there is so much to do with the 3 hours that disappear in the day due […]

13 Dec 2011

Always one more thing…

So of course things have not been the easiest and well, I have been trying to keep up as best as I can. I wanted to make sure that I was in my best shape mentally and physically for what I have to come and yet I still seem to be fighting certain things. In my mind I’m still very much afraid but have found that with yoga and creating a mantra I have been able to curb some habits. […]

17 Nov 2011

Wassup b**ch!

That’s right, that was what my stomach said when I came home and decided that I was going to fit in a workout, cleaning apartment and then cook and bake! Holy cow did I hear scream for sugar and butter… gimme Martha Stewart Cakey cookie B**ch! Oh and Tummy always gets what she wants but now, she’s regretting eating as many as she has.

12 Nov 2011

Nespresso, how you make me feel better

Now, most of you who know me personally, know that J’s mom puts my coffee capsules in with the other drugs of the house… Ie: tylenol, aspirin… etc. No matter what happens, like canceling a trip to TO because of crazy issues that took forever to resolve. When I wake up the morning after, still dreaming of Totoya Sushi and a little cranky because I have to put off shopping another couple of weeks. Which in hindsight wouldn’t upset my […]

10 Nov 2011

Mother F****R!

For those of you who just read for the title, you will be seeing this exclamation throughout the post. It is all because of my friend Jude and her insane ability to get words and expressions burned into my mind so that I can only think of them when I am upset, surprised, really, any strong emotion. There is something I do called mirror therapy. It is when you look in the mirror at yourself and really face yourself. This […]

21 Sep 2011

Rainy Autumn Days

There’s honestly nothing like them. I miss Ireland really for the rain, I think I will need to go back just for the rain as if I didn’t have more reason like all of my friends back there. A nice vacation would be really welcome right now if things weren’t so tough and busy. All the thoughts and things I want to do here are keeping me from leaving but I’m seeing a couple vacations in the new year for […]

20 Sep 2011

Databases and various websites

There’s nothing like a quick break reviewing ideas for different designs and I found a lovely website where the shoes were just to die for! http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?popId=SHOES&navAction=top&navCount=36&pushId=SHOES-OXFORD&id=SHOES-OXFORD Enjoy!

09 Aug 2011

Ottawa grows on you

Ok, I have to admit, when you have a decent job, know the scene and finally find what you need, Ottawa’s not so bad. So I have finally taken the plunge and embraced Ottawa wholeheartedly and started volunteering with Capital Pride which is some sort of fun, unimaginable until you get to meet everyone and see how wonderful they all are. I’ve met local Ottawa burlesque talent and oh my my…. Toronto, Montreal, you both better watch out, nerdy girls […]

08 Aug 2011


I have promised time and time again that I would take the time to update and get images from my previous costumes that I have made and I have inserted some extra fun ones for you here. This first one was for my friend’s son who loved the Tim Horton’s commercial with the guy in the cup costume so we decided to remake him a “killer Cappucino” I am proud to say, there are tons of pictures with him and […]

29 Jul 2011

Just something fun, it may turn your stomach

SO I have gotten my scanner working, I’m working on designs, baking and all around feeling pretty good. The news about work threw me a bit and the fact that some people have been let go scares me but I don’t really have a choice but to move forward. In the spirit of things that make me happy…. I have always known that I’m feeling good when I’m excited about food. I had a friend of mine appeal to my […]

25 Jul 2011

If anyone wants to, you can call me daft…

Holy &@*#$&@%**@)%#*@$!!!!! I realised how to get my scanner working after…. WEEKS of searching and I feel like a complete tool. SO! I can ***officially*** say that there will be many more interesting posts as I finally have proven myself able to defeat the evil blond within my mind!!! *sighs* This calls for a celebration… Egyptian chamomile tea is in order…

23 Jul 2011

Hot and sticky… not only my buns…

Holy COW! I have wanted to do some cooking and baking lately but with this heat it has been insane to even think of it. Last night I was able to finish a wall hanging for the apartment as I have been finding it weird to not have anything on the walls. SO I have decided to personalize everything and keep all the good in the apartment. Tomorrow I am hoping for a new post to go through my 3rd attempt […]

15 Jul 2011

Cookie making environment

I do believe J read the blog and wants to not allow me to try these cookies. Not serious, the errand I had to do today took longer than it was supposed to and I got home really tired and decided just to tidy up the apartment. I guess tomorrow I will try and get them done. The recipe will be modified slightly and I had quite a time trying to get the ingredients as some were missing. I will […]

15 Jul 2011

Epic in everything!

So, let me re-iterate my love hate relationship with these cookies… Now the word epicurean and epic-failure have this cookie in common. Tomorrow (or rather, later this morning) will be my next attempt at the cookie. I call it the cookie because it makes it less of a challenge for me when I mentally prepare myself to make it, I have most ingredients and hope to just go get the last ones. I need a new baking sheet as my […]

05 Jul 2011

A l’attaque!

Alright, for those who know me very well personally you will know how I can get obsessed about “certain” things. As an example, I need to be clean and when my apartment doesn’t reflect that I fall into a funk. SO! I have officially decided to attack the layout of my living room. I really don’t find it’s as productive as I need it to be and I apologize to certain people ahead of time. (Mostly J… ) because he […]

04 Jul 2011

Spiritual and mental congestion.

I can’t explain what is happening but I feel like the way my apartment is right now that I just can’t get any work done. I have spent the day cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and now I’m onto the bedroom and it just seems like I can’t shake some sort of weight that’s hanging on to me. For some reason I believe this lies in the living room because it’s the room I seem to avoid but I cannot seem […]

30 Jun 2011

Dragging my feet

So I have a few quick announcements, firstly I will be starting to create samples of my designs and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to provide their sizes’ or measurements to know what sizes you’d like or I will just go with general sizes so like 6-10. Another thing is that if any technological glitches stand in my way again I may cry. I know I have been promising pics, scans and so on but the biggest problem […]

04 May 2011

A few of my dirty little secrets

This is just a few of the things I do being OCD.. Blanket with the star stitch and just obsessed with the origami stars since college. I am still finding them randomly, squished and completely destroyed. Enjoy! I am still fighting with the scanner and now also with the images downloaded from my digital camera. http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/origami-stars-3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inUleg__vaU

29 Apr 2011


You know, I think about what and how I have done and despite the fact that I am not where I wanted to be by now, I am still happy with where I am. Mind you, more money would make me feel better but hey, at least I’m still dancing and I love cleaning as much as I always did. Cheaper than a therapist, all I need is a bottle of bleach and some dirt… if it’s unorganized… I may […]

28 Apr 2011

Number 4) Continued…

***As promised!*** Kisses!   Feels best first thing in the morning

28 Apr 2011

Number 4)

I have finally downloaded without issue and gotten the photos from Irem. Derniere minute, j’l’sais ma chere 😉 Merci d’avoir des tas de patience avec moi. Hope you like them, they make me really happy and I love my costumes and hope you can get a few moments of enjoyment at least from them as well. As a quick side note… this did happen… I, I am not lying, *I* fixed my scanner! Meaning… I can now scan some quick […]

21 Apr 2011

Coming soon… to a bedroom near you!

Hello! Greetings from the middle of the candle, either end is quite hot at the moment so I’m sending out a quick shout out to let everyone know I’m still alive. I have a few cool projects coming up: 1) dress for a wedding with shawl 2) bowling shirts for 80s themed night 3) Line with a couple samples of ladies’ lounge wear and lingerie! 4) Updated photos from time to time from home and FINALLY the photos from the […]

02 Mar 2011

Getting a game plan

Recently due to some interesting (to say the least) events I have come to the realisation I have no real plan of my life, I never really have. I have vague ideas, some things I want but nothing I find I NEED to have. Upon soul searching since coming to Ottawa, because Ottawa in the winter leaves you a little more than with *some* extra time, I decided for myself what I want. I wrote these things down and I […]

01 Mar 2011

Eat my dust

So things here have been stammering slowly towards the starting line for me and I have been dying for something to just break in my mind to no longer hold me back and I think this morning somewhere around 4-5 am it snapped. Leaving me lying helplessly dillusional in my bed wanting to find a way to climb to the roof of the building, scream for all the world to hear that I’m tired of the loud sex and banchy-like […]

25 Feb 2011


And I got the answer! I am officially interning at the Ottawa Fashion Week and I can’t wait! I am so excited to work that weekend it’s crazy! I have so much that I want  to get done for that weekend and also stuff I want to have done for the summer. I have to so make a trip to either Mtl or TO to get materials and be able to get some of my designs done for spring 2012 […]

24 Feb 2011

Missing some fun

I really miss having a chance to get photos done of costumes and clothing. Here’s one from the shoot with the absolutely amazingly dynamic Irem Harnak Just a taste until the others are all completed… See y’all soon!

18 Feb 2011

Derriere mon sourire

Well, funny enough many of my favourite songs are in regards to hiding one’s feelings behind a smile. No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors and what an idle mind can really do when left to it’s own devices. Here’s hoping Friday is a good day.

12 Feb 2011

Finding it

Whether you call it a groove, your stride, whichever words you use to describe it, I’ve finally gotten mine back. It has taken a while and well, I have had *some* issues to say the very least. Some of you will recognize the posters I bought in Paris for 2 for 1 and well, fought off a guy who tried stealing my bag near the subway for the stupid things. Good thing he was your friendly neighbourhood robber and just […]

04 Feb 2011

See the thing is…

The thing with helping folks out is that you may never get any recognition. I start an idea and have it taken from me from someone who seeks constant attention and glory. I will honestly be happy when this person is shown to be the selfish greedy pig they really are. I’m getting trouble of her meddling ways and this has bothered me all week. It has been a frustrating week at work and I will be so happy to […]

02 Feb 2011

Snow day

It’s gorgeous but can it be so irritating. I have officially given up on buying transit passes at the absolute worst time! It’s a massive snow storm and I will be walking home tonight kicking myself the whole way… If I am lucky, there will be a snow day at work tomorrow and I can stay home and just work on projects all day. I have a few that will be posted probably Saturday or Sunday depending what happens as […]

21 Jan 2011

Silent Night

Isn’t it strange to be used to alone time, time for yourself to hear your own thoughts and the only thing you can hear is the voice of that other person in your life telling you how much they love you and miss you? I love you and miss you too… kisses and goodnight

20 Jan 2011

A stitch in time

Ok, tacky I know… I appologize now for the fact that it is so but the thing is that I don’t seem to have enough time and energy for what I need to do and get done. I am hoping that I can get my apartment in order, I need to cook and also find a few solutions to a few tough problems. The issue here is that I am being offered opportunities I can’t take because of the fact […]

09 Jan 2011

Winter arrives and now the blues

So I have just had a pretty successful party for my boyfriend even though his best friend couldn’t be there, we had good fun. Now the sad reality of my situation appears… There’s still the matter of the old apartment to solve and still keep up at work. I have no routine at all and with the snow it makes gettiong around a real hassle. Trip times are doubled and I dislike the cold and wet that seaps into my […]

02 Jan 2011

Home sweet home

It’s really funny, I have moved so many times and in such a shot span of time and yet I finally feel like I have a chance at being “at home”. Being from Ottawa it was weird coming back after so long and to come back to make a home. As you ma remember things in Toronto went into a downward spiral but that has lead me back here to my partner and love. This is where I hope now […]

04 Nov 2010

When one door closes another opens

Well, I may have been out of the loop and all moved out of the bad apartment but now I am without job and looking. I have lots of time now to spend on costumes, clothes and other designs. So now I would like to post a couple photos! Time to promote the show on the 27th of November at Dominion –

21 Oct 2010

Back in the news

So I have finished moving from the mould infested apartment and I am now somewhat settled.  There are still some things to do and I have fallen sick again, due to the mould. There needs to be more awareness regarding the state of residential apartments. I hopefully will be able to post pictures of the new place soon! I am in love with the wall to wall windows and how cozy it feels with the lovely paint colours J helped […]

06 Aug 2010

Cut out and Keep

God I love this site! (http://www.cutoutandkeep.net) So many great ideas and so many things that inspire me. There is one thing that I am being tempted to try even though I normally can’t get this right, Macarons… I swear, this time, I’ll get it. http://raspberricupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/05/doughnut-macarons.html

05 Aug 2010

This makes me happy

I have been working on costume sketches and just sketches in general. I decided to go mental with finding images online and just making an idea page for myself and I may pick up some magazines tonight to go through but I wanted to share this one because it made me so happy… she’s so pretty…

04 Aug 2010

Ode to me… and all the other Geminis

I have been feeling ill and tired, lethargic and impatient. (Most logically due to the lack of A/C in my apartment and the extreme and horribly inconveniencing humidity) That I have been playing with the idea that I’m feeling like this because of myself. At these times I love reading different profiles regarding my zodiac sign and some can really make me laugh: Just marry a Gemini girl. That way, you’ll be guaranteed at least two different wives, and on […]

28 Jul 2010

Rising Stars and the future of Burlesque!

What a way to start off a weekend of relaxation! Burlesque ladies and Gents on Thursday! Oh MY GOD! I can only imagine what the rest of the weekend was like… Unlike my troupe members and friends, I spent the weekend at Ribfest in Gravenhurst and on a dock along Muskoka lake… was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Not really the prescription I got before I left but close enough. Keep in mind, dates are on their way for The […]

16 Jul 2010
15 Jul 2010

Short, not crazy

Short tempered, short in stature… Napoleonic? nooooo…. I do want to conqueor but not the western world… or do I? I have been contemplating taking over the world because I haven’t had anything else to challenge my mind other than learning how to use Facebook. My recent rant about people and my loss of patience is not eased by the type of work I do. Please be kind to your non-selling telephone harasser. I do NOT sell anything over the […]

14 Jul 2010

Top Chimp (or chump)

Ok, REALLY having a rough day at work yesterday… well rough couple of days/weeks… I know there are many out there who can agree and I thought I just might share with you how I feel as you may be able to vent vicariously. So I will  not name the place I work but I work in a call centre environment which can be hard on the nerves but my bone to pick is with collegues it  is when you […]

13 Jul 2010

Blogs to follow

Being slightly mad and most likely demented. I woke up at 4am this morning (Thank you Mr. Prince Charmant… n’y’avait pas de train à prendre) but I decided to get up anyways, spend some long awaited quality time with the cat, extra long shower and scour the apartment for my lost photo album. If I’ve left it at anyone’s place, please let me know, I was almost in tears this morning. I’m off again on a whimsical trip for a […]

13 Jul 2010
13 Jul 2010

Moi? Bad Reputation?

I have come to the conclusion that I most likely don’t have the best reputation yet and well, I couldn’t care less. I’m tired of always trying to please people. I’m working on what I need to get done and if certain people can’t understand that then I’m sorry. I have a plan for myself and I’m already behind on my life goals so I have some catching up to do. You try and be nice, try to help and […]

12 Jul 2010

Smells Like Youth Spirit

Ok, rant #2 of the day…. a) these people are irritating b) smelly c) I can’t catch a break (I know, but hey, my rant, my rules) So at Kingston, crazy woman gets on by herself. I think nothing of it. Then in Belleville her boyfriend gets on. I wouldn’t really care  however they are now both reclined and thank goodness I was able to borrow a small laptop because he would have CRUSHED mine. But that’s just not the […]

12 Jul 2010


I’m always trying to do my best at believing that everyone has good in them and I have been told that I am too nice to people. I do so with the belief that people on a whole are good and want to do good. I have now however, lost patience with people, no matter how good or kind they may be because of those who have used and abused my patience in ways that I never could have thought […]

21 Jun 2010

Cassé – published again… oh yeah!

So, for those non-frenchies… this is a very important word to know. I have been spreading the word around the office and I have to say that I’m glad to announce that my collegue has recently been published in an online mag and her work is FANTASTIC.  She does offer shoots and services as well as rents a studio if you’re looking for one and all at great prices.  Her name is Irem Harnak and I know you guys will […]

18 Jun 2010

Circus Cabaret Roadshow tonight!

So excited!! I get to see some of my friends perform, hang out with friends who are coming. It’s going to be great. Everyone should try and go if you can it’s really worth it. Good luck ladies! Where:  THE BLUE MOON PUB When:   Friday, June 18 from 8:00 pm to 2:30 am The Roadshow presents – ‘The Best of Burlesque & Beyond’ -A Cabaret of Vaudevillian Proportions!

16 Jun 2010

Je connais le jeu!

Ok, well, things have been crazy hectic and I have had way too many ideas at one time that I can’t stop anymore almost to write or sketch because it would take up my whole day. I wish I had a mental folder I could stash all my ideas in and like my hard drive go back and pick up whatever I wanted when I needed it. Right now I’m trying to find time to see the friends I haven’t […]

14 Jun 2010

The night I got my cherry popped

This is how everyone had described it… My only witty retort between pangs of pain and nerves was that it was the same as the last cherry I had popped, working at Miss. I have to say it was a great show and everyone was fun, friendly and ready to have a good time. It was my first time performing and I’m still under 10 for live shows that I’ve seen. Seeing as I have no time and no money a […]

06 Jun 2010


Ok, so I like a little drama…. After working at Miss last night I’m a little sore. I have been trying to work in those damned heels that are super skinny so it’s asking a lot of my little thighs and I’m a slightly*ahem* stiff this morning. But it’s nice to be back, even though I dance like I’m just outta the shower and heard the best song on the radio. It’s a bit of therapy for me really. I […]

05 Jun 2010

All the exotic smells…

So! Today I have had a couple interesting experiences that I have to say I really enjoyed. Normally my shopping trips in Chinatown leave me frustrated and cranky but that seems to be only grocery shopping. I went to an herbalist today where I had to go buy all the stuff that I was told to take and well, I expected to leave frustrated because it’s hard enough when I know what I want and people are stepping in front […]

04 Jun 2010


So for the past little while I’ve had my health kick my behind and I have not been able to get a handle on it at all. I finally got a handle, some meds from the ER and now some party level stuff that dissolves to help the pain. I took my friend’s advice and went to see his old TCM (traditional Chinese medicine doctor) and I have to say I have confidence that this may work out. There are […]

20 May 2010

Woot woot

Ok, patience and perserverance have paid off… although I did lose my song (I didn’t fight for it really) to Red… She is fun and I forgive her only because of the love of country keeps our bond strong! I’ll be working alonside her at Dance Dance Evolution, the funraiser for the Toronto Burlesque Festival and I can’t wait! It’s going to be full of great performers, fun games and I’m certain laughs.  You’ll have to stop by the Wheel of […]

19 May 2010


Ok, so things have been beyond stressful and I honestly haven’t felt this rushed/stressed and excited since my last year of college. Being that I have not gotten any better but feeling worse physically is a huge concern for me because I need to be in top physical shape to be able to perform as best as I can through the summer. Again I want to apologize to all my friends I know that I’m slow getting back to everyone and […]

12 May 2010

Sink or swim

Alright, so the week in Ottawa, home, was not what I thought it would be and I’ve come back a little behind and feeling kinda sick so I’ve done nothing productive Monday or Tuesday. I will need to reschedule my week and hope that I can get everything done. One good thing is that my ancient machine will be getting a face-lift thanks to a wonderfully spicy man I’ve just had the honour of meeting. (Who needs to let me […]

02 May 2010

Bada-bing bada-boom

So things have quickly taken a turn for the better and I’m normally not one to care for the speed at which things develop but this kinda caught on quick and I need to “two step” to keep up. Ok, so! Since the 22nd when I last wrote I got the photos back, they have been updated on the website (sort of ) and also I have gotten the fan page on facebook going if anyone wanted to take a look […]

22 Apr 2010

Weekly posts

Hey There! I’m quite certain that weekly posts are going to become my thing seeing as I barely have time for sleep anymore. I’m a little over a week but I think I’ve come to the conclusion on how I can fix this problem…. I’m going to find a way to alter time and create 1 extra day and 1 extra hour… ok, maybe 2 hours and I’m going to clone myself. This sounds like a good plan however if […]

08 Apr 2010

Up and at ’em!

I know it will seem strange to most but I love the fact that it’s raining. Last night I took it easy as I haven’t been feeling well but as I was watching a little tv, all wrapped up in blankets, I could smell the wet dirt from the garden mixed in with someone using a fireplace in the neighbourhood. It was lovely. I have finally compiled a list of my new favourite brushes from MAC: 213 fluff brush 208 […]

31 Mar 2010

Makin’ it all up here folks

Apparently, rules mean nothing to me. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve always lived under the guise that creativity cannot be harnassed and that creative minds are the most unreliable but wonderful. I think I will be more reasonable on myself and maybe start writing once a week instead of expecting that I can do this daily. I might in the future but for the moment things are too busy to do that. I have not only my own […]

17 Mar 2010

Rule#2: Accepting Defeat

Alright, consistency out the window and time to welcome defeat through the door. I was sent tumbling and I think I’ve finally landed on firm ground. Personal life took a shake recently and has taken me away from the blog mentally but I think I’m back on track now and ready to move forward.  I won’t be dancing for the next few weeks and it’s kind of welcome. I can take a break and step back for a little contemplation […]

05 Mar 2010

Rule#1 : Consistency

Alright, so it’s been almost a week since my last post and I really should have stayed on top of this a “little” better. Here I am now and I will give a brief detail of accounts from the last week. So, as it is well known, I am trying to again get all the materials necessary for getting back to Fashion Design and right now I am patting myself on the back for not having sold my serger. I was […]

27 Feb 2010


Well, as you can obviously see, this is a blog about my journey as an aspiring dancer/designer and I will be keeping you in the loop not only of projects that I have completed but also of the all the hurdles and ways to get around them as I meet each one. This is my first real post and I wanted to just outline the sort of things that you will be able to follow along with. I will discuss […]

08 Feb 2010


This is a little corner that will follow me along a journey of great fun and creation, my life as a multitasker.