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06 Sep 2013

Mobile upload

Ok, you noticed something was wonky with my latest posts…. I was on the bus trying to set up posts for later when I slipped. You get presents today, I hope to have more later  😉

06 Sep 2013

The brand new series

Most everyone I know or have met in the streets, knows that I have been coming up with new fascinators, accessories and clothing for the upcoming geek market in October. Jen was the one who mentioned it to me and I am so glad she did. It is fun to work with someone on these projects. Unfortunately I won’t have much clothing however, there will many new projects. I spent several hours plotting the course I will be taking as […]

06 Sep 2013

Kim smash!

Now I have been ot of the spotlight lately with a whole bunch of different things going on and I will probably only remain in contact with everyone through the blog. Please forgive me as there was an unforseen opportunity that came up and I grabbed it by the horns. I will however reward your patience with a photo….. This was last night late crafting session. I have Looooooooooots of work remaining but it will be worth it….

06 Sep 2013

Kim smash pt. II

Everyone knows my temper can flare and honestly, I feel at times I can relate only too well to that rage. I have experimented with a few things and I think I found my solution….. If I wear this headband and my hulk hands, I’m certain there won’t be any trouble. Just need time to finish my hulk dress design. *sighs* Later lovelies!

26 Aug 2013

Students Welcome!

Come on, come all! I have had the luck of teaching a couple people the basics of sewing and designing. One thing I have always loved to do is share my passion with other. I wish I could have co-op students or interns who wanted to know and learn about things and blogging helps me feel more connected to the other folks out there who love this kind of thing as well. I have decided that once Geek Market cools […]

22 Aug 2013

Entertaining Efficiency

As of late I have found my new love of Lolita fashion and I was hoping that I could get some designs out and with the move, exams, practicum and still working I have to make sure that I optimize my place and movements so as not to waste any time or effort. This long weekend was spent cleaning and purging more items from the closets and rooms and the largest room has yet to be done! I have some […]

21 Jul 2013

Every woman needs power tools

I love fast anything with a motor, smashing things, cigars and Scotch. I like fixing and creating things, just as I like growing and caring for things. But there is something about power tools. My father was a carpenter and I was only allowed smaller tools because I was a girl. Since moving out I have bought most tools I believe an apartment dwelling cyclist crafted needs. However, I need a saw tonight…. I have a new bookshelf and want […]

18 Jul 2013

A night of debauchery

Ha! Tricked you! I slept 8 hours so here’s a pictures of a sleeping squirrel. Have a good day lovelies! It’s finally Thursday.

03 Jul 2013

Karmic balance

Well physical and mental balance have been uneven lately but this morning karma found a way to encourage me (just like the email for sales at one of my fav hotels yesterday) Was up til 1, up at 5 and exhausted by 7. Go to corner shop to get bus tickets and a coffee. While waiting however, someone found a sheet of bus tickets on the ground and asked everyone if they has lost them. Being the only one to […]

02 Jul 2013

Who’s in for a little overtime?

For the next 2 months, not to be rude, you will need to book blocks of time with me to hang out. I am so busy with everything that I need to plan plan plan. I probably won’t see much if the sun until September when this will all calm down and I will do my most famous disappearing act! Was wondering what everyone was looking forward to now that July has hit and that normally means vacation, travel, visiting, […]