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09 Oct 2013

Oooohhh sweet streetcar

Since moving back to Toronto there was a scare with the apartment lease but that has now smoothed over so I can concentrate on important things, like the geek market! My clips and hair bands are entering final stages, I’m creating new ones and all that’s really left is a shit ton of rhinestoning and sewing? A little nervous! I will be in Ottawa for one day only this weekend for anyone who wants to message me and pop by […]

19 Sep 2013

A broken dollie

This morning at new day job, I found it steamer to watch normal interactions between office people. Being in so many dysfunctional and difficult offices before (a temp always gets the rough end of the stick) my last day job and this one are so amazing. With everyone being like this, I realize that I can only be genuinely kind to strangers or acquaintances for a short time before I get leery and even with people I know I pull […]

17 Sep 2013

Lordy Loli

Alright, another Lolita update! I am part of the Lolita Ottawa group on Facebook and well, they are darling people! I missed Comicon, Fanexpo and Anime North. I even missed our picnic due to work earlier in the summer. Some of the girls will be attending the Geek Market and other working or volunteering so we are trying to recruit any Lolitas in the Ottawa area during the weekend of the 19-20 of October to come down and share the […]

16 Sep 2013

Round and round we go

Where we stop, here. Only for a minute however. ENOUGH! hahahaha, there has been too much coffee in my system of late and I have officially decided instead of not having more to actually ingest as much as I can. When I finally crash I will sleep for a week but everyone knew that that was bound to happen. I know, my friends will tell me they are worried but here is the answer – I love you all, love […]

14 Sep 2013

Toi, toil, toil and toil.

There is no trouble, nothing else. Just work. Work. Bah! OK! I am all work and no play so I must be going something something? You better bet your sweet comment ca va that I am going crazy. There is little sleep, lots of work, and I keep forgetting to eat. Is there anyone willing to become a housekeeper/babysitter? That would be really helpful. Come by, help clean up, make sure I’ve eaten and if anything, make me a sammich? […]

13 Sep 2013

I celebrate with Jack Daniels

So there was this job…  I wanted it, I got it and now, I listen to Miranda sing about Jack. This is how to celebrate!

12 Sep 2013

Le squeak et le quack.

SO! To just prove how absolutely thick my friends and I are at times, let me tell you the squeak toy incident followed by the quack advice. I do not have the most concentrated attention span in the world. I can concentrate at times, intensely for a long time and then afterwards it is as if my brain is like “Listen buddy, we worked, I’m tired, it’s done for a while.” I try to plead of course begging it to […]

11 Sep 2013

Smash, boom, crash.

This is an interesting fact. I received an email about selling weapons at the market this fall and started giggling thinking of the “weapons” I was creating. Some are sharp but small, some are soft and squishy, and some are plain ridiculous. I have been having a lot of fun trying to come up with weapons that can be sold within the guidelines. Who ever heard of someone being killed by a rhinestoned clip? hehehehe! Picturing this has taken up […]

09 Sep 2013

Now I lay me

Most of the time I will say “You can sleep when you are dead!” Truth is though, I LOVE sleep. I love lying in bed and resting. I love naps in the daytime when the sun is shining in and you feel it’s warmth on you as you rest… and if you leave the window open the breeze may even gently blow across your sleeping or resting face. I miss sleep. Lately things have spiraled out of control. I was […]

09 Sep 2013

Follow the glitter paved road

So I found supplies! Hahahahahaha, finishing sooooon!