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12 Apr 2014

Prohibition Gastrohouse

What can I say but wow. It was busy the moment I walked in and waited at the bar for a table. They did everything you would expect and more. The people at the bar during the “Hooch Hour” were pleasantly talkative after a few cheap pints and wanted to chat and give advice to a first-timer. The suggestions for the food were plenty, nothing apparently was bad on the menu. I opted for the pulled pork grilled cheese and […]

11 Apr 2014

New windows and balconies

A lucky duck is me! It was supposed to start in June but the management has decided to wait until late summer to replace our windows and balconies! Excellent! That means home patio time. There is something so soothing about watching the city buzz by and enjoying a tan on the balcony after a long day at work. The added bonus is that for my birthday I will still be able to sit outside and have a coffee while listening […]

07 Apr 2014

Long live the bitch

bitch /biCH/ Noun A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter. Verb informal. Express displeasure; grumble: “the guys were all bitching about commuting time”. It’s a term I am very familiar with as it is often used to describe me. I am that person who scolds others to move to the back of the streetcar, yell at bad drivers who don’t watch where they are going, and frankly having held in much of what others saw as a flaw has worn […]

06 Apr 2014

From the quiet mist, a lunatic rises

So I have not disappeared completely my kittens. There has been much going on and much of it was in my own head. Not that all the personal stuff is dealt with I have come to the realization that several things were holding me back. There was a fear of being noticed and ridiculed, there was a fear of my writing not being good enough for online consumption, and even as silly as my not being good looking enough. That’s […]

03 Nov 2013

Assembly line

It’s fun finding posts you forgot to upload… Hehehe, sorry! With day job, studies, and moving, I have gone by something J tells me often when it comes to anything in life,”proper planning prevents piss poor performance” Most nights have been spent setting up bits and pieces of the item without finishing many of them. Last night and today were spent completing those items. As you can see, there was chaos and there still is a little more to go […]

02 Nov 2013


Alright everyone, what tutorials would you like to have posted pre-Christmas? Viking hats Crinoline underskirts Aprons Any clothing Bowties/neck ties If there is anything, let me know! Ciao for now!

01 Nov 2013

Lost time, catching up

Since having moved and taken a couple days to try and heal (back is giving me problems) I somehow can’t keep up my pre-geek market speed. The inventory images I posted we’re quickly spliced and I will make them nice over the next couple of weeks but for now this will have to do. There are some exciting plans and projects in various stages and exam is creeping around the corner. I can’t wait for December and the new year […]

17 Oct 2013

Back again

So as many are already painfully aware (I am just so happy to be back) I am back in Toronto and loving it! The city makes me so happy and well, the new day job that I love, apartment that makes me want to stay there all day and just sip a cuppa while watching the city in the window makes all this past craziness worth while.  This weekend is also the much anticipated Geek Market and I will be […]

14 Oct 2013

Tail lights and rain drops

The apartment in casses sucked for several reasons which are pretty well known by those who know me and have read my blog before. Tonight my friend realized just how clearly you could hear neighbors, cars, rain and the fact that it felt like everything was in the apartment with you. I am really looking forward to getting back to the new place and put my head down in a quiet room. Just need some curtains to cut out that […]

12 Oct 2013

Ottawa and looking back

Looking back on what has been going on in Toronto, job, apartment, food, weather, sleep, and all sorts of other things there is only one real regret I have about Ottawa. My friends. I have made many good friends in Ottawa and love them loads. There is the Ottawa Lolita group as well made up of so many lovely gals and guys that I wish I could have spent more time with while I was there.  Come November I will […]