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23 Feb 2017

Fun night at the aquarium

There is nothing I love more than water, especially being out in nature and watching the sheer beauty of watching the ever changing moods of natural bodies of water. Toronto has a jazz night on Fridays at Ripley’s Aquarium and we had gone with a group of friends. It was so much fun to be among the graceful and awe inspiring sea creatures surrounded by wonderful jazz music. I hope you enjoy some of the photos that I have. There […]

31 Mar 2016

Sense awakening in Sapporo

I arrived in Sapporo completely exhausted. Having left the house at 9:30 am on March 28th, I arrived at the guesthouse at 8:30 pm March 29th. (Which would equate to 7:30 am EST… Almost 24 hours ) Despite my complete exhaustion, all the staff at the train stations, the wonderful taxi driver (who gave me Japanese and baseball lessons, we even discussed the tv show “why did you come to Japan”) and Coffee-Master-san, the amazingly kind and understanding man at […]

21 Oct 2014

Huge Update

So things have been moving at unimaginable speeds here and I have yet to get a good grasp of the situation. I shall soon become an almost permanent home body and hope that my friends will come see me and open my windows to air out the place from time to time. (I have not posted in over a month due to illness and shame! Not really but here we go!) This has been my last month in brief… I […]

04 Sep 2014

Mass of update

Things have been wildly progressing on this side of the keyboard with tasks being added to my lists as quickly as I check them off, honestly, even faster. Here are some pictures of what’s been going on  😉 Mass update will continue…

02 Aug 2014

Dance dance

Today and this week, I’m back at class and really looking forward to it. Definitely need some help with some music if you feel inclined so. Dance makes me want to dance everywhere, not just at home. I’m singing to myself while walking down the street and holding back from dancing. Things are slowly coming back to center. The worries I had seem ridiculous and I will refuse now to hide again. I even picked up the most ridiculous pants […]

25 Jul 2014

To kid or not to kid

When I was younger I had been told the chances of my getting pregnant were slim to none so I’ve had to since deal with the fact that I may not be able to ever have my own children. Growing up in a family where the joys of childbearing were discussed and having “your own” family were pressed it was hard to accept. My mother always told me she couldn’t see me having kids and I used to get so […]

21 Jul 2014

Busy bee

So it’s been a while since my last post on BiBi, however, I have also been posting on BiBis muse. For the last little whole I have been going 100 mph trying to find an answer to a question I was asked. I still am not sure if I have the answer but I keep searching. I have been to Muay Thai, pole dancing has become part of my daily exercise routine with cycling and yoga. I pulled a calf […]

19 Jul 2014

Second session

So I’m heading for a second session of what I consider therapy. There is nothing like a change in your life artistically. With all going on I have forgotten that I used to view art, fashion, music and dance of all sorts as a representation of one’s own life and current emotional state. There is now a permanent reminder with me that our art reflects ourselves and can allow us to go thru the full spectrum of emotions and thought […]

23 Jun 2014

Late night ideas

There are times when you know that you should go to bed but you just don’t. The last 2 weeks have been crazy and unexpected. I had given up on something and let go but it worked out. I need to learn to let go and relax a little more. There is something that I had been dying to do and I have finally made the step. 5 more weeks and the new plant will be ready to blossom in […]

16 Jun 2014