Category : DIY

09 Mar 2017

A is for Apron

Most who know me know that I have a magical ability to make a mess in 3 seconds flat and that it happens by some innate ability with great power. A friend of mine has just had a lovely baby and as she is at home, I hoped that I could make her an apron that would make her feel fun and feminine. In the process I decided that I would make one for myself as well. No more threads […]

06 Mar 2017

Pen turning

Lately I was lucky enough to get a chance to learn how to use a lathe and turn a pen from some talented and very patient teachers at my day job. There is nothing more fun then learning something new in good company. A sierra style pen with zebra wood!  

02 Mar 2017

Adventures in Pyrography

So recently I have started working retail in a store that caters to woodworking and gardening. I love it. I have so much fun and adore being there. The first time I can say that in a long while with day jobs. Just before Christmas I got a pyrographer, just a basic one, and started on small projects for friends. It has been so much fun, designing, drawing and planning new projects. It has been a great source of encouragement […]

12 Feb 2017

Planting for the spring

Now that there is a little more outdoor space, I have been planning a garden and ensuring my role in the neighbourhood as the crazy cat lady. This is what I assume will happen to me the moment summer hits and the strays and neighbours will look upon (what I hope will be) a magnificiently immense planter completely full of catnip. The basil I will keep in a safe place in a hanging planter.  

09 Feb 2017

Wedding Flowers

Looking over all the photos from this past summer and having found the ones where we prepped a veil and flowers for my friend’s wedding. The warm fuzzy feeling of the ceremony and the joy of being a part of their day. I had so much fun helping her plan and helping out. Thinking of her makes me debate getting into the bridal industry….

02 Feb 2017

Sparkle Sparkle**

  One of my favourite things is sitting and slowly rhinestoning. I don’t know why this is very soothing. I will pour myself some tea and throw on some tv. This a throwback to some of my favourite headphones and a teaser of a project I have yet to finish. Perhaps I will have to schedule some time to work on it. Since the older photos were taken I have switched to using E6000 glue. Trust me, my sparkles do […]