Back again

So as many are already painfully aware (I am just so happy to be back) I am back in Toronto and loving it! The city makes me so happy and well, the new day job that I love, apartment that makes me want to stay there all day and just sip a cuppa while watching the city in the window makes all this past craziness worth while. 

This weekend is also the much anticipated Geek Market and I will be moving right after. There is so much going on right now and I know that after there will be a lull until the new year. I have had my time booked completely until the new year and I am loving that I am so in demand. I have made time however to return to Ottawa at least once monthly so that I can see hubby and my friends. 

I will be signing up for the gym again as soon it will be winter and frankly sometimes it is just too much to work out outside in the cold. I will do what I can but with the discount that I get it is hard not to just go with the gym. 

There are a couple new projects that will be coming out in the new year and that is in fact what I will be preparing until then along with some orders I have already confirmed. I hope everyone is ready to see what is coming out!

Anyways, I am on the train into Ottawa and it is non stop until the 28th so I will try and post but there may not be much until afterwards. 

bis! xoxox

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