Ottawa and looking back

Looking back on what has been going on in Toronto, job, apartment, food, weather, sleep, and all sorts of other things there is only one real regret I have about Ottawa. My friends. I have made many good friends in Ottawa and love them loads. There is the Ottawa Lolita group as well made up of so many lovely gals and guys that I wish I could have spent more time with while I was there. 

Come November I will have more time and will be making at least monthly trips back to Ottawa so if anyone is reading this, just message me and we can work out plans to hang out, catch up and have a laugh. I have been planning a couple trips for the new year and some new projects that I hope will take me into new fields and realms with my creativity. I have been blocked and tired lately however being back in Toronto, having a fabulous roommate and brilliant apartment I am totally psyched for setting up the desk and supplies. 

Hugs everyone and hope to have you pop in on me at booth 825 at the Geek market next week. 🙂

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