Lordy Loli

Alright, another Lolita update!

I am part of the Lolita Ottawa group on Facebook and well, they are darling people! I missed Comicon, Fanexpo and Anime North. I even missed our picnic due to work earlier in the summer.

Some of the girls will be attending the Geek Market and other working or volunteering so we are trying to recruit any Lolitas in the Ottawa area during the weekend of the 19-20 of October to come down and share the experience. Being a vendor I would love if you all come out to my booth and pose for a pic! Show off your darling outfits and say hi!

I’m even more excited now that this news is getting out there. I apologize for not writting individuall to friends but I have teensy amounts of time so consider this my mass invite! Maybe I will let you peek at the progress of my outfits you are good lovelies…


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