Round and round we go

Where we stop, here. Only for a minute however.

ENOUGH! hahahaha, there has been too much coffee in my system of late and I have officially decided instead of not having more to actually ingest as much as I can. When I finally crash I will sleep for a week but everyone knew that that was bound to happen.

I know, my friends will tell me they are worried but here is the answer – I love you all, love that you worry but really, I has NO time! Between new jobs, practicum, Geek Market, and making time for my new clothes, oh and a workout…. and and and and and *smack in the head to stop skipping* other things, as I am sure there are.

Here is something that may just mellow me out a little…. SURPRISE!!

Anywho, everyone can see and hear that I have derailed so back to work! BIS!

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