Smash, boom, crash.

This is an interesting fact. I received an email about selling weapons at the market this fall and started giggling thinking of the “weapons” I was creating. Some are sharp but small, some are soft and squishy, and some are plain ridiculous. I have been having a lot of fun trying to come up with weapons that can be sold within the guidelines. Who ever heard of someone being killed by a rhinestoned clip? hehehehe! Picturing this has taken up too much of my time lately.

There are a few things that I think would be awesome to make that I cannot do but I wouldn’t really have the time to make them so I put them on the list for later. Who doesn’t want to try and make weapons and armor?

There is much work left to do so for now I leave you with the image of beautiful amazonian warrior try to destroy someone with a rhinestoned weapon….. tee hee…. *snort*

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