Now I lay me

Most of the time I will say “You can sleep when you are dead!” Truth is though, I LOVE sleep.

I love lying in bed and resting. I love naps in the daytime when the sun is shining in and you feel it’s warmth on you as you rest… and if you leave the window open the breeze may even gently blow across your sleeping or resting face. I miss sleep.

Lately things have spiraled out of control. I was only supposed to be looking for a job in Toronto however, I was offered a brilliant job in Ottawa on a silver platter. I couldn’t say no. Seriously, I physically had issues turning down this position. I haven’t been gone a week and have so many interviews, contracts to complete and the move to prepare for that my head is spinning. Even this day trip I had to take was not in the plan but I need to just roll with it at this point.

I should be happy because I love being busy. I adore always having something to do, never being bored but at this moment in time. I want sleep! All of my poor projects for the geek market are in pieces and luckily only have to be put together but the prep work was long and grueling. Depending what happens during my trip I may or may not have a job starting ASAP so the temporary move will have to be done. I have backup plans for my backup plans but guys and gals, let’s all just get a good night’s sleep.

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