Every woman needs power tools

I love fast anything with a motor, smashing things, cigars and Scotch. I like fixing and creating things, just as I like growing and caring for things. But there is something about power tools.

My father was a carpenter and I was only allowed smaller tools because I was a girl. Since moving out I have bought most tools I believe an apartment dwelling cyclist crafted needs. However, I need a saw tonight…. I have a new bookshelf and want to modified it a bit more to be able to have it perfectly suitable for a “sewing centre” with machines, and other accessories and materials. This should be done before I move. All of the furniture in the house I want to make more modular and have it all altered to be matching colours. 🙂 Right now it’s really a hodge podge of found and cheap items I have either recycled or gotten at the Sally Anne.

There is something terribly satisfying about wielding power tools, deconstructing, destroying, and rebuilding things. Anyways, back to boring old dictations while I dream of more time to be able to get these other projects done.

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