Karmic balance

Well physical and mental balance have been uneven lately but this morning karma found a way to encourage me (just like the email for sales at one of my fav hotels yesterday)

Was up til 1, up at 5 and exhausted by 7. Go to corner shop to get bus tickets and a coffee. While waiting however, someone found a sheet of bus tickets on the ground and asked everyone if they has lost them. Being the only one to have tickets, I checked and confirmed it wasn’t mine. So she gave it to me as the others had passes or the presto card.

In my mind I could hear karma whispering “c’mon girl, relax a little and go for it”.

Thank you karma. For this reason when I get home tonight I am starting the gate and the shields. Maybe even the top secret comic fascinator?

A big happy karma filled hug for all this morning!

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