The way you want to

People and friends often say that I have conversational ADHD. That just means my conversations go from one subject in one sentence and could change topics mid-sentence or every other word. I can bring up subjects and points from a conversation the person and I had last week like 3 years ago.

I mention this so that folks can understand my post. When asked what I wanted to be when I was little, I had no clue. It changed every other day and I just wanted to do everything. I wanted to study, like I wanted to work, like I wanted to travel and not work. From psychiatry to law, design to social services, retail to politics and teaching. It was called scatterbrained. I loved learning new things and always being challenged.

Being creative whether painting, sculpting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery… You see where this is going again….. That was all that I could count on wanting to do all the time. I loved dressing up. I wore bellbottoms, and other things that most 11 year olds wouldn’t. Teased and taunted I didn’t care. I liked my clothes. One thing someone told me that shocked me was “blue and green should never been seen, except for in the washing machine” I was like “REALLY!? Ok, sure” and trust me, that paisley short was frekkin awesomely sweet with my elephant pants. Cool even at 12.

These things are on my mind for two reasons.
1) Kassandra Leigh – wicked displayed, photographer, artist, designer… I follow her regularly and there is on particular photo that really made me feel guilty. The realization that I want not being true or honest to myself.
2) Canada day. The last time I ever let myself dress in a way that I wanted to at my parents’ house. 15 and I was hanging with friends, my parents teased me a lot but after this, I never really dressed up again.

It is about time I take back my wardrobe. So as many sketches that I have for designs based on my friends, there is one that will be BiBi.

Last exam is finally in the crosshairs, gonna nail that mother and get my markets, pencils, pens, and all,other supplies hot and bothered with all the attention I will give them!

Have a good long weekend my lovelies!

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